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Aegon Pension Calculator

Naked Penguin Boy worked closely with Line UK to create a Pension Calculator with a difference, for Aegon, the international provider of life insurance, pensions and asset management, with businesses in over 20 countries around the world.

Aegon sponsors British Tennis and were looking for a means of highlighting the importance of a Pension to their UK audience.


Everybody has used a pension calculator at some point but often it’s just a curiosity and many people could not be bothered to fill in the extended forms requiring your gross earnings, retirement age, and decisions on lump sums, inflation etc.

Forms, questions and figures are not always memorable so we needed something different.

Instead of the form we used a carousel of various individuals who already had all the necessary information. All users had to do was choose the person most similar to their circumstances.

Once selected they could then use a slider bar to set the pension figures they would like to achieve which is when we moved into the serve.

An illustrated animation then showed you taking your first serve on the tennis court and then switched over to the Hawk Eye ball tracking technology used in tennis. Users could then see where their ball landed and how far away it was from their target pension figures that they set with the slider bar.

Users were then given the option to increase their pension contributions and take a second serve whereby the Hawk Eye would show that by increasing their pension contributions they are now much closer to their target pension.


The Pension Calculator was displayed on interactive TV’s throughout the British Tennis Tournaments and used on Aegon’s website in a variety of campaigns.

It achieved its goal of making users more aware of the need to save for a pension while highlighting Aegon’s sponsorship of British Tennis and by creating a memorable Pension Calculator it firmly associated Aegon with Pensions in the target audience’s mind.

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