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Knock off Nigel


All the way back in 2006 not only was video-piracy socially acceptable, it was even thought of as cool. This was not good news for the industry Trust for the promotion and protection of copyright and creativity. Studios were losing some 15% of their revenue each year to piracy.


The industry Trust appointed advertising agency Sell Sell to help shame these dodgy characters, and Naked Penguin Boy were chosen as the digital agency. We developed a website along with a customisable video where users could enter their friends name and upload their photo into the video, which was then read out by the news presenters, along with their photo being used in a spoof news broadcast. Their names would also be placed on placards and shirts naming them to be ‘knock off Nigels’. The results were considered to be ‘exceptional’ by the client.


To heighten the shame factor and to discourage people to by pirate DVD’s

Target Audience

16-24 year olds

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