Naked Gamification Platform

Gamification for Employee Engagement

The Naked Gamification Platform is an intuitive Gamification Platform designed for enterprise use with the ability to expand and adapt as required.

The focus of the platform is employee engagement and eLearning to assist companies with staff education leading to increased productivity and performance. The platform enables staff to learn and grow at a faster pace, decreasing staff turnover and absenteeism while increasing knowledge and innovation.

It is useful for employee on-boarding and can include a mix of company integration, orientation, technical and soft skills to inspire better collaboration.

Progress, recognition and rewards are built into the platform to assist with the gamification objectives and drive engagement.


Measuring Success

The Naked Gamification Platform uses two methods to track the actions users take and the success of the platform.

Google Analytics –  provides an excellent overview of the platform, its use, engagement and most popular area’s and is an excellent indicator not only of success but also on how to improve and expand on popular sections of the platform.

Bespoke Measurements – are extremely useful when specific measurement criteria are required and especially in companies where Google Analytics provides too much personal employee data and monitoring that is against company policy. Bespoke Measurements can supply all the required success statistics without divulging any personal employees data or progress.

You choose the metrics that are important to your business.





The Gamification Platform has been built in the worlds most popular Content Management System WordPress which means simple updates and no steep learning curve for administrators. The software can be hosted internally by the enterprise organisation or hosted and managed by ourselves for a worry free experience. Built in HTML5, PHP and JavaScript with a MySql database the platform prefers a Linux server nevertheless it is possible to host it on a Windows server though additional configuration will be required.

Depending on the additional branding and business requirements the platform can be deployed within a matter of weeks.



Cost vary depending on requirements and the setup is flexible, depending on the customisation and whether the platform is being purchased as a whole or as a managed service.

Please contact us for more information.