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Engaging Consumers With Advergames

Games are a great form of digital marketing. By applying your brand to an advergame, or a marketing game, that can be viewed on lots of different digital platforms it is capable of outperforming many an advertising campaign, and can deliver excellent ROI. Here at Naked Penguin Boy we are well known for our advergames development, where marketing skill meets creativity and in-depth knowledge of gaming to create truly engaging marketing campaign for your brand.

Objectives that need consideration when planning a Marketing Game
  • Create Brand Awareness
  • Capture data
  • Drive Traffic
  • Promote website content
  • Acquire customers
  • Generate revenue

Interesting Stat
goes here

Female Gamers

Crazy Interesting
- are you serious

Play on the bus
- no way!

Content is truly king

The business objectives may then help to define the campaign. Consideration must be taken as to whether this is a truly panoramic campaign where the game will need to work through multiple channels, or is the content designed to fill a position within a larger media strategy?

When utilising marketing games to target your audience and evoke a stronger relationship with them and your brand content is truly the king. However, all elements of the campaign must be considered, from the original ideas behind the game to the marketing strategies that we will be embedding throughout the campaign.

The internet is saturated with adverts, and games are one of the few tools that can really help you to stand out in a crowd and get noticed because they are:

  • Capable of reaching a bigger audience and engaging them with your brand
  • Non-intrusive way for the user to develop a deeper understanding of your link to a product
  • Ideal for wide distribution through affiliates and affiliate networks


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    Marketing games work across a multitude of different industries when engaging with your target audience, from kids to insurance brands.

    If you think creating a marketing game to promote your brand might be a solution worth exploring, then don’t hesitate and get in touch today. We can discuss new innovative solutions to stimulate the interest in and around your brand that you may have not considered before.

    Marketing and promotion of your content to a local or an international audience is something we can definitely help you with clear marketing strategies and a viral seeding campaign.

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