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Youth Marketing

To reach kids with responsible marketing you need to focus on engaging content. Kids have a wonderful way of seeing the world which is often very different from adults and it’s very imaginative, intuitive and fascinating to observe. This is why we specialise in kids marketing.

When Redakai a hugely popular TV show and related card game were looking to promote their latest series on Cartoon Network, Turner Broadcasting turned to Naked Penguin Boy’s creativity to create the microsite.

We worked hard at immersing the kids into an online version of the Redakai Card Game, encouraging kids to search for the Kairu Energy cards before playing the game itself. The Kairu Energy attack and monster cards were hidden within the rotating earth and helped prepare kids to become warriors of the Redakai and prepare for battle to conquer the Kairu.

The kids were able to select characters and enter their nickname before challenging their opponent in an exciting animated battle with plenty of audio and visual effects. Throughout the rest of the site we introduced kids to the characters, products, tutorials, downloads and videos in an engaging manner before introducing them to a fantastic competition.

Engaging digital communications is one of the best forms of kids and youth marketing.

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