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VC Casino: Chip Challenge


The Victor Chandler Group represents a leading independent bookmaker and gaming organisation. On updating their eGaming software, Naked Penguin Boy was tasked with promoting an exciting new range of games to both new and existing customers.

The Work

Chip Challenge proved a challenging and addictive game requiring that players guide a Poker chip through several maze puzzles and onto the VC Casino logo. Progressing through each level, new elements were introduced, including gates, switches and randomised obstructions.

The shell of the game was specifically designed with the intention of maximising clickthroughs to the VC Casino site. Calls to action were strategically placed before, during and after gameplay to encourage this.


The campaign began with VC Casino launching the game to their internal customer database, generating several thousand gameplays in a matter of hours.

Rolling out phase two, VC Casino shared the game to their database of affiliates who extended the promotion.

In phase three, we began an aggressive seeding campaign, distributing the game on proven game portals, as well as generating buzz and conversation with players on social networks and forums.

Six weeks after the initial seeding campaign began, the game had registered 140,000 unique users. In total, the title was played over 280,000 times, with over 26,000 unique users clicking through to the VC Casino homepage.

Within three months of the campaign ending, Chip Challenge was able to present the following data:

  • Total Unique Users: 256,930
  • Total Unique Game Plays: 531,070
  • Total click throughs to 56,816

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