Website design raising environmental awareness in schools

Hit Entertainment approached us to create the Project Renovate site for Bob the Builder.
The idea behind Project: Renovate was to raise environmental awareness in schools around the UK, while assisting teachers and parents in their efforts towards making schools and homes more environmentally friendly.


  • Raise environmental awareness in both children and adults
  • Associate Bob the Builder with the issue of reducing the carbon footprint, highlighting Bob’s three ‘R’s:
    • Reduce Energy Consumption and waste generation
    • Re-use materials safely to their full potential
    • Recycle old materials, so they can be turned into new ones
  • Provide an online competition with a prize of £5,000 towards a ‘green’ makeover for ten schools

Target Audience
Pre-school children, parents and teachers

The site was built to appeal primarily to children, whilst also giving practical advice on environmental awareness to parents and teachers. There are five challenges that the children could participate in, including the ‘Green Challenge’, which allowed users to see how environmentally friendly their school proved to be, as well as to upload photos of their school.

The kids were able to download an activity checklist from the website and share it with their families and friends, recording how they felt about their own home and what steps they had taken towards becoming more environmentally friendly. The site ultimately aimed to teach children about global warming, water conservation, insulation and changing weather conditions in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

Outstanding results were recorded from a large number of pre-school nurseries across the UK who entered the competition. The success of the campaign meant that we were approached by HiT with a view to refreshing the website the following year.

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