Kids Website Design and Development


Pony Friends 2 is the second installment of the popular game series released on the PC, Wii and DS. Eidos Interactive the video game publisher tasked us with redeveloping the website with an aim of engaging the young audience in the game and highlighting the various video game features available to purchase.

The Work

The website was localised into six languages and designed to engage young girls and give them a glimpse of what they can get should they purchase the actual video game. As well as game info and trailers, the site contains a series of Flash games, including one that simulates the game play of the console game version where players can ride their horse down a country path taking photos of various animals they spot along the route.

Players also have the option of downloading their own Desktop Buddy to play with when they are offline, as well as social game to design a pony blanket and send it on to friends, inviting them to create their own.


The website has attracted a huge amount of attention and played a significant part in driving users to purchase, as well as acting as a catalyst for users creating their own groups on Bebo and Facebook partly inspired by the sharing facilities within the website.

New Media Age magazine selected it as website of the week.

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