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GI Joe Combat Cards


To mark the launch of the new G.I. Joe movie ‘The Rise of Cobra’, we were asked to design and develop two games to be hosted on the official theatrical website.

The first game we built was G.I. Joe Combat Cards, based on the popular trump card genre that all kids know and love.
From within the game, kids first have the opportunity to study the cards before launching into gameplay. Very simply, kids can choose from one of a selection of attributese on the card they have drawn from the virtual deck, and if it is higher than that of their opponent then they win a point.
Kids are able to share their scores and challenge friends across popular social networking sites, as well as being given the option to embed the entire game into their own blog or website. This facility helped spread the game far and wide beyond just our own seeding campaign, as kids were embedding the game all over the web.

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