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Cippi: The Farting Chipmunk


To support a new TV ad for Air Action Vigorsol, an Italian chewing gum brand, we were asked to create a series of games so to expand the campaign online.


We worked on creating an Italian and English micro-site, with three very different games as well as wallpaper and screensaver downloads, with a view to promoting the brand primarily in Italy but also across Europe.

The games we created were titled: “The Great Wind of the West”, “Great Balls of Fire” and “The Long Jump”. We also created the world’s first mobile whoopee cushion!

The main character behind all of the games was Cippi the chipmunk, who would chew on his Air Action Vigorsol giving him “a fresh air explosion”. Unfortunately for Cippi, this fresh air explosion would come from his behind, and so was born Cippi the farting chipmunk. Luckily for Cippi, players can take advantage of his embarrassing problem by using his farts to put out the local forest fires, scoring points along the way.


The micro-site was an instant success across Europe gaining a large number of hit over a very short period of time, but it wasn’t until the game was shown on Italian TV shows and in the press that the media frenzy really began to kick-off.

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