Banner Advert

Ladbrokes required a constant set of fresh concepts for their digital advertising campaigns and had been seeking an agency that could not only come up with the concept but also create, code, deliver and support a variety of banners in a number of different languages.

Our creative team acted as Digital Advertising provider for Ladbrokes over a nine year period, during which all online content for the UK and several European markets was created across a wide variety of media.

Across a wide variety of campaigns, we produced concepts that targeted consumers directly and for use by affiliates promoting Ladbrokes various offers. Once the creative concepts was agreed we would then build a standard set of animated banners such as Leaderboards, MPU’s, Skyscrapers, top banners, Mastheads, etc. and these would then be rolled out across a variety of languages and distributed internationally while our creative’s were always on standby to make minor market specific adjustments for various territories.

Some of the rich media campaigns such as expanding banners, MPU with video and banners containing mini games would be served through a variety of ad serving platforms such as Googles DoubleClick, Flash Talking or MediaMind (now Sizmek)

It is here were a good understanding of the various flash banner templates and site specifications come to the fore as each ad serving platform differs from the next and in order to achieve the tight deadlines we had to get this right the first time.

Target Audience
Over 18, male and female with a male skew, existing Ladbrokes customers as well, as potential new customers and support of Ladbrokes affiliates.

A large number of campaigns were run over the 9 year period and overall we had good results and exceeded client expectations receiving praise from Ladbrokes for our creativity, innovation and ability to hit some very tight deadlines.

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