OMD approached Naked Penguin Boy to assist with Intel’s Brand Awareness Campaign (part of the Visual Life Campaign) for the launch of the new Intel i5 processor. This was to be our third campaign with Intel/OMD with each campaign beating its predecessors. The game was to be based on what was soon to become a successful viral video titled The Chase Film.

Target Audience
Tech savvy 18 – 35 year old males and females

The campaign seeks to show the audience the full power behind the i5 processor, by using an action-adventure viral video starring “Eva”, a woman being chased by two bad guys through a variety of program windows on a computer desktop. NPB were briefed to develop a viral game to support the video and increase the longevity of the campaign.

Three months in the making, The Chase, a platform/puzzler game was complete. Playing as Eva, users were tasked with protecting the package from the bad guys as they race across the world of their Windows desktop. The game features seven very different levels of game play in a world of browsers, windows, applications, games and more.
To increase the longevity of the game a Level Editor was created which turned into a game in its own right, giving users the ability to create their own levels and challenge their friends to try and beat their high scores.

Just over 2 months into the campaign we had:

  • Over 1.1 Million unique plays
  • Over 2.3 million game plays
  • 88,600 User-Generated levels created which were played over 600,000 times
  • Competitions were run across the Middle East and South Africa online and in retail stores.
  • Due to its huge success, The Chase was converted for Facebook as well as MSN games.