Lucozade: Beat Box Champions


Brit award-winning rapper Tinie Tempah, world renowned drummer Travis Barker, and Katie Taylor, Irish World Boxing Champion joined forces to launch Lucozade’s new Yes Campaign, to reposition its sports and energy drink brand.

To support the campaign which saw Lucozade bring together music and sport for the first time, we were asked to deliver a Facebook game which featured Travis Barker on the drums, Katie Taylor on the pedals and Tinie Tempah on the mic.

The game followed the popular Guitar Hero mechanic, where users have to use the keys on their keyboard to hit the notes at the correct time, and the game becomes progressively harder as the users progress through the levels. We even animated Travis Barker so that his character moved perfectly in sequence to the users’ keyboard strokes.

Target Audience
Males and females aged 16-24

Of the 400,000 fans that Lucozade had on Facebook at the time of launch, over 15,000 of them played the game during the course of the campaign. With no direct advertising on Facebook or elsewhere on the web to point users to the game, the majority of these players can be attributed to organic visits following a single status update on the Lucozade Facebook page.

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