Create a powerful communications platform that keeps employees engaged.
A platform that is:
    • More interactive
    • More Innovative
    • More Involving
    • More Inspiring

Target Audience.

All Vodafone Employees
Vodafone Mission Digital


Vodafone were not looking for standard ‘off the shelf’ software they wanted something bespoke, designed around their motives and values.

They realised that people hate tasks, curriculums, objectives and employee programmes but they love challenges, experiences, competition, games and to WIN!

Mission Digital was built to cause excitement, surprise and fun to foster engagement and motivation. It was ‘purposeful’, it had challenges and tasks that focus on the initiatives and encouraged a drive to digital excellence at Vodafone from employees to leaders.

The Gamification Platform ensured that it was accessible to all, not only across devices but it was easy for players with less experience and challenging enough for those who are more skilled.

Most of all it was rewarding, showing employees achievable and visible improvement as they progressed and success as well as attractive rewards.


Mission Digital, the Gamification eLearning Platform had an instant and excellent success rate with well over half of Vodafone’s 10 000 employees repeatedly engaging with the platform.

Vodafone’s Internal Communication team who ran the project won 4 European Gold Awards for the platform, its innovation and its performance.

Mission Digital eLearning Gamification Platform