Monsters are real, right?

This is a frightfully scary bedtime story, only for the bravest boys & girls! Both young and old, we’re all a bit scared of the dark, creaky floorboards, a rustle at the window, spooky shadows… I think we can all agree monsters are real! This book is a journey – letting kids know that yes, there are monsters – but they’re not as scary as they may seem…
Engaging art supported by kid-friendly narration and intuitive interactivity, this book inspires young children’s creativity and imagination in an enjoyable way.

Book Features

  • Read to me – listen to the narrated story.
  • Read myself – Kids read the story at their own pace without a narrator.
  • Make A Monster – From a collection of monster parts you can create your own monster! Mix and match monster eyes, horns, mouths and noses then save your creation to your tablet.

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