Run Knuckles Run!

Take control of Knuckles, one of the few remaining Mountain Gorilla’s and run through the lush jungles of central Africa where the light filters through the mist like a spectral aura and the distinctive smell of floral fragrance drifts up after the heavy rain, in one of the most beautiful games on the app store!

– Run endlessly through the alluring trees.
– Dodge hazards such as spears, bee hives and totems.
– Leap onto platforms to collect your coins and power ups.
– Upgrade those power ups to increase your chances of surviving.
– Collect coins throughout the game to use on upgrades, challenges and much more.
– Daily prize spin wheel to gain more coins each day.

– Endless in game challenges for you to complete.
– Gain points with game centre integration.
– Stuck on a challenge? No problem, skip it using coins.

– Share your high scores on Facebook and Twitter.
– Gain more coins when you share.
– See what score your friends or players around the world have achieved.

Tips & Tricks

  • You can swipe anywhere on the screen to jump or duck
  • You can swipe down to duck whilst jumping & vice versa
  • Take advantage of the upgrades for a better run
  • Power-ups are mainly on the higher platforms

Here To Help

Any questions? Contact us if you need support or have questions regarding a previous purchase
or if you have any suggestions for us regarding Knuckles.

Our support team will also try to answer your emails regarding other topics to ensure that all your issues will be addressed.

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