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Sports Podge



Sports Podge, now in its 6th year, is a unique annual lunch dedicated to the movers, shakers, medal-winners and heroes of sport. The line up includes some of the most influential people in the sports industry, whether it be from football, rugby, tennis or athletics, this year’s VIP guests included Clare Balding, Bob Champion, Dwain Chambers & Terry Venables to name a few.

For a second year running, Naked Penguin Boy was briefed to do the redesign and build of the site.

The Work

With the Royal Wedding just passed, we decided to keep with the times and designed a Royal Ascot themed site. Invited members were sent login details to the site allowing them to submit their menu selection and update their personal details. A bespoke CMS was developed allowing the administrator to automatically arrange the seating plan for the event, ensuring at least one female guest per table and avoiding sitting people next to the same people they sat to the year before. The CMS was also used to keep a record of correspondence between the client and attendees.


The event was a huge success and the website successfully served its purpose for the 200 attendees.

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