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Intel Rocket Man



As part of an integrated brand awareness campaign, we were tasked with developing a fun and addictive online viral game for Intel.


Intel Rocket Man was born in a flurry of broken walls and doors as our Rocket Man is tasked with getting to his Boss’s office on the 10th floor as quickly as possible.

Jumping and ducking under desks and printers in the rocket powered chair, users must try and make it to the lift at the end of the corridor, collecting Intel logos along the way to increase their score and give them an additional power boost.

In addition to game design and development, we also seeded the game on behalf of Intel on a series of game portals, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.


Over 400,000 unique UK users and over 700,000 worldwide, with over 45% of visitors returning to play a second time.

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