Aegon Pension Ace


Engage the target audience around the British Tennis Championships.

Target Audience.

Men and woman in their 30s, 40s and 50s.


Aegon was looking to highlight and promote the importance of setting up a pension and to leverage their sponsorship of British Tennis to their target audience.

They needed something engaging, subtle and memorable. Aegon needed a Pension Calculator that was quick and easy to use and was associated with Aegon and would be memorable enough to encourage users to talk to Aegon about their pension.

Branded as Pension Ace, we turned the traditional calculator on its head by associating it with tennis. By totally removing the word “calculator” it suddenly looked more like a game and was much more enjoyable.


Launched at the British Tennis championships, Pension Ace was installed on large screen TV’s as well as being available online. Hundreds of people engaged with it at the championships on the touchscreen TVs and thousands more online enjoyed a gamified pension experience that made them think more about their pensions and favourably towards Aegon.