Charity Website Design

iHeart Principles is a preventative educational project of the Charity Innate Health, a non-profit organisation dedicated to educating young people about their natural resilience, innate health and mental well-being

Innate Health the charity dedicated to demonstrating that resilience and well-being is innate were looking for a new charity website design to focus on the iHeart curriculum an educational system uniquely designed to show young people how change only ever happens from the inside-out. 

A website that demonstrated the benefits of the iHeart curriculum and encourages young people to perceive their well-being and mental health in order to create resilient adults. To showcase the good work it has done and encourage donations and contributions to the cause.

Created in WordPress, a CMS that the charity was familiar with and provided the necessary tools for their administrators to grow and expand on the site. The website covered all the principles of iHeart across its story, approach curriculum and training.

Associative  images and a clear website layout made this charity website design an informative and impactful website that engaged the target audience including senior educators, teachers, young adults and donors.

The charity continues to expand on the website constantly adding new content as it continues its good work with the young adult community.

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