Pengomo – Jump

Single gesture controls with endless & addictive gameplay. Puzzles are loaded randomly & you’ll never get the same gameplay twice. This is not level based – it’s endless, so if you have the skill you could play forever. It gets pretty tricky in some parts but it is possible for sure – see if you can be your previous score!

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Super simple, one touch to jump! Time it just right to land on the next platform & beware of those pesky birds which are out to get you.

Easy right? Wait until you reach the candy cane mayhem at the later stages of the game – yeah, thats’s what i said – Candy Cane Mayhem…

Screenshots (click to view full size)

“Super quick game-play loop, if I’ve got 30 seconds until my next bus – this game will fill that 30 seconds with awesomeness!!!”

Robin Anstealin

“This game defo leaves you with that ‘ok-maybe-just-one-more-go’ feeling!”


The adventures of Pengomo and Friends!

TOP TIP: Take your time, this is not a race. Plan & time your next jump carefully.

Free to Play

Yes of course it is! Being free to play is important in order to reach a wide audience. We do however need to monetize the game as we have spent many days designing and building it and in order to keep building new games we need to generate revenue. We wanted to do this as fairly and ethically as possible so there are no pay walls, a player can go all the way through to the end of the game without paying a cent.
Dont like ads simply pay once and have all ads removed. Enjoy!

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