Viral Game Campaign


In collaboration with BBH, Naked Penguin Boy created ‘Hunger Strike’, a viral game for KFC to help promote their Big Daddy Box meal.
KFC had been losing out at lunchtime due to it being perceived as too messy and somewhat indulgent for a weekday lunch. Instead, our target audience was visiting Subway, Gregg’s and local coffee shops Our task was to wake people up and inform them about the hunger staving abilities of the new KFC ‘Daddy Burger’ through the use of a fun, interactive and incredibly addictive viral game.

Target Audience
Males aged 20 – 30 with manual jobs and big appetites

The campaign created the idea of killing off all hunger pangs, and suggesting that the Big Daddy meal is the secret weapon for continuing non-stop through to dinner.
The game followed a Tower Defence style; a popular genre in the gaming community. Users were able to fight off the evil hunger pangs using food items from the Big Daddy Box Meal, attempting to stave them off before they raced through your stomach and reached your brain.

The target for the 6 week campaign was to reach 125,000 unique game plays, but over the course of the campaign we achieved over 1.5 million unique game plays. The game was left live on certain sites after the campaign had officially ended, and it has achieved an average of 1 million game plays per month.

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