Morrisons – Pick Of The Street.

Morrisons is one of the UK’s leading supermarkets and there is definitely a buzz around them with their sponsorship of ITV’s “Britain’s Got Talent”. After the success of the Saturday Night Takeaway mobile app, the wonderful staff at Morrisons asked if we could do something similar but on Facebook with “Morrisons Got Talent”.

The Facebook game titled “Pick of the Street” was created as a companion app to go along with their ITV sponsorship and was designed to assist the Morrisons campaign “Great British Nights In”, driving brand awareness, engagement and likes on Facebook.

Pick of the Street follows Morrisons Market Street where users get to compete to see how well they can service customers by placing the right items into their trolleys as they move through the Greengrocer, Family Butcher, Fishmonger, Bakery and Cake Shop. Numerous levels that get more difficult as the user progresses make for a challenging game as you place the food items in ever increasing customers trolleys, collecting coins that can be used to purchase power ups.

MD of Naked Penguin Boy, Rowan Heasley was impressed by the collaboration of all involved. “Pick of the Street” is quite a big game to develop in such a short time period and this would never have happened if it hadn’t been for the enthusiasm and help of the Morrisons team who went out of their way to provide assets, direction and timely feedback which helped get our whole team excited about the project”

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