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Ladbrokes and Naked Penguin Boy go to Vegas

By 27th July 2006Games

Digital Agency Naked Penguin Boy Ltd, together with betting giants Ladbrokes, created the Ladbrokes official website for the most awaited annual tournament of the poker year; the 2006 World Series of Poker.

The World Series of Poker is held in Las Vegas with the world’s most prestigious poker players all competing for the coveted title of Poker World Champion.

The Ladbrokes official World Series of Poker site provides all the crucial information on the tournament from Ladbrokes Team Player Profiles, Tournament events and times, chip counts and rankings, as well as reports from the event with articles, news features and tournament results updated daily.

Naked Penguin Boy designed and built the site which included a Content Management System, which gives reporters separate log-ins to the Ladbrokes Admin Staff. This allows the reporters the freedom to upload content, articles and images simply and efficiently, with one overall Editor controlling the editing and publishing capabilities of the content on site. Fans and family members of the players are able to post Good Luck messages in the Messages channel, providing the ease of use that the Ladbrokes staff required.

“It’s exactly what we wanted, says Nigel Blower (Head Of Poker – Ladbrokes). We needed a site and a system whereby we could upload vast amounts of information quickly and easily, while still projecting a sleek front end. It was also very important for us to have the technical support out there, which Naked Penguin Boy were able to provide”.

Ladbrokes Poker is renown for being Europe’s busiest online poker room so what better place to form a team for the World Series of Poker than from the talent in your own back yard. A 90 strong Players team was sent to Las Vegas to compete in the tournament along with the Ladbrokes reporters, online staff and a staff member from Naked Penguin Boy.

Commenting for Naked Penguin Boy, Commercial Director Rowan Heasley states: “We have worked with Ladbrokes now for many years, so having one of our staff join the Ladbrokes team in Vegas is a real privilege; a compliment to our creative and design abilities, technical know-how and work ethic. The site looks great and we are proud to be associated with Ladbrokes for this prestigious tournament; we wish their team the best of luck”.