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Stroker and Hoop : The Fast And The Gorious

By 6th March 2007November 5th, 2014Games

Naked Penguin Boy were commissioned by Turner Broadcasting to create online games as content for their recently launched UK Adult Swim website. Based on the animated television series Stroker And Hoop, which is featured on adult satellite channel Bravo, the game aims for simple playability to keep the online audience engaged with the brand while enjoying the exclusive video content.

The series is a parody of the 1970’s American television series Starsky and Hutch.

Stroker is a bumbling detective and his partner Hoop is a self-proclaimed master of deception who is not very smart. Together with the aid if their talking car, they attempt to solve crimes and pick up chicks.

We created a “top-down” perspective game based on a Stoker and Hoop episode, in which both characters wake up in a pool of blood in a motel room to find their appendix and coccyx’s have been removed by beautiful twin cannibals.

The aim of the game is to catch up with the cannibal twins and get back Stroker and Hoop’s body parts. Only, they are losing blood fast and need to catch the girls before it’s too late.

Players of the Fast and the Gorious must navigate the streets and obstacles (oncoming traffic and hotdog stands) using their arrow keys in order to apprehend the target. During the chase, blood transfusion sacks will appear at various intervals which help to increase the amount of time players have to complete the game.

Tongue in cheek and a perfect fit for the audience, the game was a hit with Adult Swim fans.