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Let’s play for Fanta

By 4th February 2008Advertising

Naked Penguin Boy have been commissioned by Viacom to create interactive advertising formats to aid Fanta’s repositioning of their brand.

Coca Cola owned Fanta still holds the number one spot as the world’s most popular fruit-flavoured soft drink. To maintain its position, Fanta’s marketing communication is focusing on making the brand more relevant and desirable to a younger target audience.

The ad formats (leaderboard banner, skyscraper & MPU) were created for a homepage takeover on Not only were they successful in highlighting the new look and feel of the Fanta brand, but also introducing the new characters to the target audience.

All three add formats included and required user interaction highlighting Fanta’s new branding message “Lets Play”. Users could choose various dance moves that the Fanta characters would perform, as well as getting a step-by-step and slo-mo demonstration as to how the step was done. Use of the Fanta characters in this respect allowed users to become familiar with the Fanta Crew and identify them individually; namely Merv, Kimmy, Jason, Ann and Andre.

Naked Penguin Boy have a proven track record for producing engaging and interactive ad formats. “We really enjoyed working with Viacom and Fanta on this creative and set out to ensure that the ad formats met all the required objectives, while maintaining a high level of engagement and interactivity” (Carolyn Mackintosh, Account Manager).